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PriceTornado.com is a modern free price comparison portal with many useful and unique user-friendly features not seen in other similar price comparison portals.

All prices shown on our website are real-time accurate and up-to-date, as they are updated every 30 minutes by our price robot and the moment a user loads / opens a product page.
There are possibility for users to create free price drop alarm, and as soon as a product price falls, it is automatically sent an email notification about it to the user who is subscribed to it.

Modern and user-friendly look gives visitors a good experience, and great overview of products, prices, price development … etc.

PriceTornado.com does not sell any of the offers we display.

We are simply a search engine, which means that we are looking for other offer pages to find you the best deals. When you find a quote you saw at PriceTornado.com, we actually forward you to each quote site where you end up buying the deal. It’s very similar to Google.com

We provide our service in Denmark and Scandinavia here:

USA and world know here:

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